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Delaware River Suite

The Nearness of Two


The Stamm/Soph Project - Live at Birdland

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The Stamm/Soph Project


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Marvin Stamm As Leader Or Featured Artist:

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*** Postal rates for shipping, both U. S. and International, have risen dramatically over the past three years. Though I have never raised my postal rates before this time, it is imperative that I do so now.  I apologize for this action, but it has become a necessity.

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Audio Files of Alone Together

Reviews of Alone Together

CD Notes

  Alone Together - The Marvin Stamm Quartet
JazzedMedia - JM 9002 - Marvin Stamm, trumpet & flugel; Bill Mays, piano; Rufus Reid, bass; Ed Soph, drums. Two-disc DVD & CD set recorded live Nov. 5, 2006.

After a recent concert, a gentleman came up to me and said, “You guys actually play like a group! You don’t just sound like four individual players – you really play together!” Simply put, this is the key to what we - Bill, Rufus, Ed, and I – do. It is one of the key elements that make this quartet so special.

The four of us have known each other, and have played and taught together over many years. We have become very close friends and enjoy touring and “hanging out” together. When we come together to perform, regardless of time, location, or circumstances, we come to play! No “hit” is too insignificant, none is beneath giving of our entire selves. The group plays, and the music flows freely; there are no constraints. Our sensitivity to one another is the only boundary; and because this is an innate quality within each of us, it allows us complete freedom of expression. This is the joy of our playing together.

Audio Files of Sound Check

CD Notes

Sound Check - Jack Cortner Big Band - JazzedMedia - JM 1046 
Featured soloists - Marvin Stamm, trpt. & flugel; Bill Mays, piano; Jon Gordon, alto sax; Jim Pugh, trombone; Dave Tofani, tenor sax; and John Riley, drums

Sound Check is the second outing for Jack Cortner and his wonderful New York band of top studio and jazz musicians. Jack’s arrangements are, of course, the centerpiece of this exciting CD, and I was once again the featured artist along with pianist Bill Mays, trombonist Jim Pugh, saxophonists Jon Gordon and Dave Tofani, and drummer John Riley.

Sound Check was recorded at Clinton Studios in New York City with the same great band that played so brilliantly on Jack’s first album, Fast Track.  Everyone gave their all, and the results speak for themselves. Jack, the band, the album and I are getting excellent reviews for which we are appreciative. I believe Sound Check is even more exciting than Fast Track - and that’s saying something! We hope you will listen to the CD and judge for yourself.


Audio Files of Delaware River Suite

CD Notes

Delaware River Suite - Inventions Trio - No Blooze Music # 02
Bill Mays, piano; Marvin Stamm, trumpet & flugelhorn; Alisa Horn, cello 

Delaware River Suite is the second release by our Inventions Trio. This CD features Bill Mays' new extended work, The Delaware River Suite plus five new Mays arrangements that include Villa-Lobos Bachianas Brasilieras #5, the Miles Davis and Bud Powell classics, Sippin’At Bells and Dance Of The Infidels, Jobim’s Zingaro, Django Reinhardt's Nuages,” and my composition, Charlotte Delights.” Regarding the suite, Bill states, “I love rivers. I love the water.” The Delaware is an especially scenic river, and, along with the rich history of the Delaware Valley, Shohola, and surrounding areas, was the inspiration for the suite. Everywhere we play, audiences’ reactions to this music are overwhelmingly enthusiastic. People love this group and the music we play. What can be more rewarding than this! As Alisa says, “If it gets any better than this, call me!”

Audio Files of The Nearness of Two

CD Notes

The Nearness of Two/Dena DeRose & Marvin Stamm
GoFour 1006; Dena DeRose, piano & vocals; Marvin Stamm, trumpet & flugelhorn

The concert documented by this CD was performed “live” on July 14, 2006. It came about by happenstance as did this recording. Neither Dena nor I were we aware at the time that an archival recording of our performance was being made, but were pleasantly surprised that the quality turned out so well. Dena and I had never played together before, and, unbeknownst to me, she had never performed in duo with a horn player. Though this is true, Dena is such an outstanding musician, both as a singer and pianist, I would never have suspected this to be so. She is extraordinary in both areas of performance and immediately became a favorite musician of mine. Fortunately, things sometimes work out as they should.

Audio Files of Fantasy

Reviews of Fantasy

CD Notes

Fantasy - The Inventions Trio - Palmetto - PM 2128
Bill Mays, piano; Marvin Stamm, trumpet & flugel; Alisa Horn, cello 

The Inventions Trio is a new group comprised of an unusual instrumentation - trumpet (and flugel), piano, and cello. Bill Mays and I, who have performed and recorded together so many times, are joined by the talented cellist, Alisa Horn. I have known Alisa since she was a young child, and it was exciting for me to introduce Alisa to Bill, to encourage their musical relationship, and then observe her joining us as a performing and touring ensemble. The music Bill has written for this CD, Fantasy, is built upon lovely classical melodies that provide beautiful thematic material for the ensemble and wonderful settings for our improvisations. Bill's original composition, "Fantasy for Cello, Trumpet and Piano," is a great example of  modern writing, combining classical compsition and Jazz exploration. The Inventions Trio truly embodies the melding of these two genrés. Bill, Alisa, and I are very excited about this, our first CD, and the touring that will follow. I hope you will join us on our journey.

Audio files of The Stamm/Soph Project - Live at Birdland

The Stamm/Soph Project - Live at Birdland- Jazzed Media JM1006 - Marvin Stamm, trumpet & flugel; Ed Soph, drums; Bill Mays, piano; Rufus Reid, bass; special guest, John Abercrombie, guitar. (tracks 3, 4, 7, 8)

A second outing for The Stamm/Soph Project, Live at Birdland, produced with co-partner drummer Ed Soph, showcases the working quartet of trumpeter Marvin Stamm. This CD features long-time band mates pianist Bill Mays and bassist Rufus Reid with special guest guitarist John Abercrombie. Stamm says, “Working with these musicians as a group - Ed, Bill, and Rufus - always produces very special moments. None of us takes these events for granted or looks upon them as just another gig. Each of us really comes to play!”  John Abercrombie, an extraordinarily sensitive and gifted musician, joins the quartet on four of the eight tracks. Among the tracks are originals by Stamm, Mays, and Reid as well as one each by saxophonist Ted Nash and pianist Lars Jansson. In Stamm's words, “For me, performing with this group is a pinnacle of sorts because these are the guys with whom I want to play; they are my choice!”

Audio files of By Ourselves

By Ourselves - Marstam Music #01 - Marvin Stamm, trumpet & flugel; Bill Mays, piano. 

This CD features the Marvin Stamm/Bill Mays Duo and documents their long-time collaboration. There are eleven tracks among which are a number of wonderful standards such as Dietz' and Schwartz' By Myself and You and the Night and the Music, Victor Young's Beautiful Love and Michel Legrand's You Must Believe In Spring. Bill Mays also combines Ravel's classic piano standard Miroirs with The Lamp Is Low which is based upon Ravel's lovely theme, Pavanne for a Dead Princess. Dizzy's beautiful Con Alma, Sonny Rollins' Airegin and two originals by Bill Mays and more round this set out. In Bill Mays' words, "I think duo playing presents the biggest challenges: fewer people, greater freedom, more responsibility equal nowhere to hide!  Marvin and I find complete freedom, respect and trust with each other." Marvin says, "Every musician should be so fortunate to meet someone with whom they share such a great empathy. From the very first notes, Bill and I seemed to share something special and find great joy in making music together."

Audio files of The Stamm/Soph Project

The Stamm/Soph Project - Marstam Music #02 - Marvin Stamm, trumpet & flugel; Ed Soph, drums; Bill Mays, piano; Rufus Reid, bass; special guest Dave Liebman, tenor and soprano saxophones. (tracks 3, 6, 8)

This CD is a quartet project created with drummer Ed Soph to chronicle the music this ensemble is creating. The disk contains ten compositions which include several standards as well as Thad Jones' classic, Three and One, Miles Davis' beautiful masterwork, Nardis, Clifford Brown's eternal Joy Spring, J. J, Johnson's haunting Lament along with two originals by Bill Mays and one by Stamm. Marvin says of Ed Soph, "Ed is one of the most musically adventurous drummers, always playing with intensity and fire, yet most sensitive when the music begs it. He has developed his own individual approach, a musical style that is unique in this genre, and the musical experience is always one of adventure, always harboring the unexpected. Ed's playing urges me to attempt new things, play more audaciously and to move in different directions. This is most thrilling for me, what I most love to do." 

Audio files of Elegance

Elegance – TNC Jazz – CD-1711 - Marvin Stamm, trumpet & flugel; Stefan Karlsson, piano; Tom Warrington, bass; Eliot Zigmund, drums. 

This quartet CD was just released in November 2001 on the Troppe Note/Cambria label and features, along with Stamm the marvelous young pianist from Sweden, Stefan Karlsson. This disk contains nine compositions, six originals – two each by Stamm and Karlsson and one each from Swedish composer Lars Jansson and trumpeter Dennis Dotson – and three standards, among which are Gershwin’s But Not For Me, Ray Noble’s The Very Thought of You and Jimmy Van Heusen’s But Beautiful. Stamm says, “I very much enjoyed working with these terrific musicians. Stefan’s harmonic knowledge, his wonderful rhythmic approach and creative soloing are a delight. Tom Warrington provided the anchor for the group and also contributed some beautifully thought-out solos. Eliot Zigmund provided the intensity and excitement on the up-tempo pieces, while also affording the rest of us a sensitive palette for the ballads and quieter pieces. Making this recording was a pleasure because of the quality of performance, the professionalism and the attitudes of all concerned.”

Bop Boy - MusicMasters #65065 featuring Marvin Stamm, trpt. & flugelhorn; Bob Mintzer, tenor sax; Phil Markowitz, piano; Mike Richmond, bass; and  Terry Clarke, drums. 

Bob Mintzer's Re-union opens this set with Marvin's trumpet leading the way for the rest of the group leaving Terry Clarke batting clean-up; moving warmly into Kenny Wheeler's beautiful waltz, E.B.S.B.M.O. where space is given to Markowitz' piano and Lincoln Goines' bass as well as Stamm's flugelhorn; the set continues with more originals by Mintzer, one each by Phil Markowitz and Swedish pianist Lars Jansson and two lovely standard ballads, Kurt Weill's, My Ship, a duo of Stamm and Markowitz, and Robert Ramiriz', Lover Man with the quartet. 

Audio files of Fast Track - Jack Cortner New York Big Band

Reviews of Fast Track  

Doug Ramsey's CD notes 

Fast Track - Jack Cortner New York Big Band - JazzedMedia #1023 Featured soloists - Marvin Stamm, trpt. & flugel; Bill Mays, piano; Dave Tofani, sax; Jim Pugh, trombone; and John Riley, drums

My dear friend and colleague Jack Cortner has, after many years of being one of the busiest arranger/composers in New York City, released his first CD. Jack has written a beautiful album and is, in my opinion, one of the best orchestrators in the world. His writing is sleek, never heavy, and the band swings like crazy! I am sure you will be taken by the music on this CD and the marvelous playing by this great big band of New York's finest. I am privileged to be prominently featured throughout, but there is also great solo playing by pianist Bill Mays, saxophonist Dave Tofani, trombonist Jim Pugh, and drummer John Riley.

Fast Track also features the great lead trumpet of Bob Millikan, the terrific lead alto of Lawrence Feldman in a saxophone section that icludes, among others, Jerry Dodgion, and Kenny Berger. Jim Pugh leads the trombone section, and the band is driven by the marvelous rhythm section of Bill Mays, bassists Jay Anderson and Martin Wind, drummer John Riley, guitarist Jeff Mironov

Among the tunes are the standards, Secret Love, Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise, Lover Man, Limehouse Blues, and On The Trail. Fast Track also features five original pieces written by Jack Cortner - and one by me. This is a beautifully produced album with great sound by engineer Artie Friedman and beautifully written liner notes by the great Jazz writer Doug Ramsey.




Reviews of Life's a Movie

 Life’s a Movie- The Inventions Trio – Chiaroscuro CR(D) 400

Bill Mays, piano; Marvin Stamm, trumpet & flugel; Alisa Horn, cello 


Life’s a Movie is the third CD by the Inventions Trio and once again exhibits Bill Mays’ marvelous writing skills. Bill has composed another extended work along with arrangements of standard fare, both jazz and classical. The new extended suite is titled Life’s a Movie, but is subtitled Four Themes In Search Of A Movie. The other pieces include combining the Concierto de Aranjuez with Chick Corea’s Spain, Homage To Bill Evans, which includes four of his classics, and Monk Tribute, comprising three of his compositions. As Doug Ramsey states in his notes, “Nearly a decade into their musical life together, Bill Mays, Marvin Stamm, and Alisa Horn are having more fun than ever.” That about says it all!


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