Alone Together – The Marvin Stamm Quartet –  JazzedMedia – JM 9002 – Marvin Stamm, trumpet & flugel; Bill Mays, piano; Rufus Reid, bass; Ed Soph, drums. Two-disc DVD & CD set recorded live Nov. 5, 2006.

After a recent concert, a gentleman said, “You guys actually play like a group! You don’t just sound like four individual players – you really play together!” This is the key to what we – Bill, Rufus, Ed, and I – do. It is what makes this quartet so special.

The four of us have known each other, played and taught together over many years. We are close friends and enjoy touring and “hanging” together. When we perform, no matter the circumstances, we come to play! This is the joy of what we do.

  1. AloneTogether Marvin Stamm 00:30
  2. Invitation Marvin Stamm 00:30
  3. 'T's Butter Marvin Stamm 00:30
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