Bop Boy – MusicMasters #65065 featuring Marvin Stamm, trpt. & flugelhorn; Bob Mintzer, tenor sax; Phil Markowitz, piano; Mike Richmond, bass; and  Terry Clarke, drums.

Bob Mintzer’s Re-union opens this set with Marvin’s trumpet leading the way for the rest of the group leaving Terry Clarke batting clean-up; moving warmly into Kenny Wheeler’s beautiful waltz, E.B.S.B.M.O. where space is given to Markowitz’ piano and Lincoln Goines’ bass as well as Stamm’s flugelhorn; the set continues with more originals by Mintzer, one each by Phil Markowitz and Swedish pianist Lars Jansson and two lovely standard ballads, Kurt Weill’s, My Ship, a duo of Stamm and Markowitz, and Robert Ramiriz’, Lover Man with the quartet.

  1. Re-Union Marvin Stamm 4:51
  2. My Ship Marvin Stamm 4:57
  3. E.B.S.B.M.O. Marvin Stamm 8:02
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