CADENZAS – Marvin’s Jazz Magazine

March 2014: Edition XXXV of Cadenzas featuring: What’s New?; Crossing Over; Changes From My Perspective; How Fortunate I Am

February, 2013: Edition XXXIV of Cadenzas featuring: My Friend George; Changes

April, 2012: Edition XXXIII of Cadenzas featuring: What IS Music?; What Was It Like Playing With . . . ?; I Am; Why So Quiet?

October, 2010: Edition XXXII of Cadenzas featuring: Waiting For Superman; Evaluation and Reaffirmation; Cadence Magazine Interview, Part 2

July, 2010: Edition XXXI of Cadenzas featuring: A Letter To Myself; Cadence Magazine Interview, Part 1

November 2009: Edition XXX of Cadenzas featuring: Jack Cortner – Sound Check; On Tour With Steely Dan; My UK Tour

June, 2009: Edition XXIX of Cadenzas featuring: Morphing Into Steely Dan; Bernie Glow; Jack Cortner – Sound Check; LA Jazz Institute – Stan Kenton Tribute; Times, They Have Changed

March, 2009: Edition XXVIII of Cadenzas featuring: Thank You; Something Very Special; Common Courtesy; New Management; Touring; Education; Closing Thoughts

August, 2008: Edition XXVII of Cadenzas featuring: Who Reads This Stuff Anyway?; The Inventions Trio; My First Road Trip; The Quartet in Italy

September, 2007: Edition XXVI of Cadenzas featuring: Things and Such; A Letter from Clem; TIME!

May, 2007: Edition XXV of Cadenzas featuring: Fast Track, “One More Time”; Burt Collins – Two Remembrances; Mr. Armstrong and Me; “When I Was Your Age . . . .”; Speaking Out

January, 2007: Edition XXIV of Cadenzas featuring: News, New Projects and More!; New York Jazz Clubs; An Important Perspective On Teaching

October, 2006: Edition XXIII of Cadenzas featuring: Thoughts and Things: Videos!; Nice People, Good Stuff; Thoughts on Performance and Education; The Doctorate and Teaching; Applying for a Job; Tribute to Manfred Schoof; Letter from Jack; Record Albums – A Lost Art?

August, 2006: Edition XXII of Cadenzas featuring: Singers Extraordinaire; So, Where Ya’ Been Lately?

April, 2006: Edition XXI of Cadenzas featuring: March Madness and Beyond; So – How Do I Really Feel?

January, 2006: Edition XX of Cadenzas featuring: Happenings and Such; Do I Need A New Mouthpiece?; Bill Mays’ Fantasy for Piano, Cello, and Flugelhorn

October, 2005: Edition XIX of Cadenzas featuring: So – What’s New?; The Power of Jazz; Words of Meaning

July, 2005: Edition XVIII of Cadenzas featuring: Your Attention, Please!; Interview for the International Trumpet Guild Journal; Interview for

April, 2005: Edition XVII of Cadenzas featuring: The Kids Play Great! But That Music … ; January Tour With Bill Mays; Thoughts ‘n Things

January, 2005: Edition XVI of Cadenzas featuring: Bob Morgan – Educator Par Excellence; Remembering Stan; Jazz Cruise 2004

September, 2004: Edition XV of Cadenzas featuring: In Memoriam – James Williams; James Williams Remembered; Review – James Williams and Friends; Basic Concerns for Rehearsing a College Jazz Ensemble; Ingredients for a Successful Career in Music

June, 2004: Edition XIV of Cadenzas featuring: What We’re Doing and Why; Thoughts On Michael Schofield’s Letter; Alisa Horn – Young Blood; Bootlegs; Distinguished Alumnus Award

March, 2004: Edition XIII of Cadenzas featuring: Two Vital Speeches for Today – Strike Down the Band, The Fine Arts; Two Concerts – University of Memphis, Brigham Young University – Idaho

December, 2003: Edition XII of Cadenzas featuring: Orchestra Experiences; My Lesson with John Haynie; Taking It Out!

September, 2003: Edition XI of Cadenzas featuring: The Summer; The European Experience – England and Greece: Touring with the Guildhall Band, A Week with the London Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, Greece – and the Greek Way of Life!

June, 2003: Edition X of Cadenzas featuring: The Special Concert – Electric!; More Road Stuff; Thoughts ‘n Things – What Does It Take?

March, 2003: Edition IX of Cadenzas featuring: Fun Stuff – On the Road Again!; Rufus Reid – “Stayin’ Home”; Something for the Trumpet

December, 2002: Edition VIII of Cadenzas featuring: How Lucky Is That?; Ed Soph: A Study in Taste and Adventure; SomeThoughts – Our World

September, 2002: Edition VII of Cadenzas featuring: In Memoriam – Bill Byrne; Bill Mays – Joie de Vivre!; Classical vs.Jazz?; What’s Wrong? / Music and Me

September, 2002 – Two Articles on Teaching – Guest commentary by Dr. Judith Schlesinger – The Baltimore Sun

June, 2002: Edition VI of Cadenzas featuring: Goings On; Teachers; Commentary of “Teachers”

October, 2001: Edition V of Cadenzas featuring Dave Libman’s Intervals; The “Biz” – Booking My Quartet; Musicians and Educators

June 2001: Edition IV of Cadenzas featuring: Ed Soph; Getting Caught Up; Two Thoughts

January 2001: Edition III of Cadenzas featuring: Time To End The Bitterness; Time To Heal The Wounds

Fall, 2000: Edition II of Cadenzas featuring: What’s Goin’ On ?; What’s Next?; CDs and Articles; My North Texas Days –
Part 1 – John Haynie; International Women’s Brass Conference; The Voice

Fall, 2000: The Sankofa Tradition An Article by Dr. Bob Morgan

Summer, 2000: Edition I of Cadenzas featuring: Just Got Word, A Thought, New Things, News and Happenings, Orchestras, New CDs, The Quartet, Touring Overseas, Education, In Conclusion

Winter, 2000: Massimo, The Great!

Winter, 2000: Ah Roma

Winter, 2000: Thoughts And Ideas From One Who Cares! Guest Article by Dr. Jack Cooper

Winter, 1999: Clark Terry – The Magic, Alive and Well

Winter, 1999: Education: A Restoration of Faith

Spring, 1999: On The Road Again!

Spring, 1999: Educators and Musicians

Spring, 1999: Community Colleges – Some Thoughts

Winter, 1999: Thoughts and Things

Fall, 1998: Improvisation, Part 2

Fall, 1998: New Recordings

Fall, 1998: The State of Education

Summer, 1998: Improvisation

Winter, 1998: Vignettes: Thoughts and Feelings

Fall, 1997: Special People, Special Times (Part 2)

August 4-10,1997: International Trumpet Guild Conference, Göteborg, Sweden

June 26-29,1997: 2nd International Women’s Brass Conference, St. Louis, MO

January, 1997: An Interview I did with trumpeter Mike Metheny (Pat’s brother)

Winter, 1997: Special People, Special Times