Trumpet Master Classes
In performance-oriented settings, Marvin works with young artists to improve both musical awareness and technical skills.  When circumstances allow, it is informative and interesting for directors and trumpet teachers to help their students prepare materials to play in a master class setting. Students and faculty benefit from both the performance itself and Marvin’s expansion on musical ideas put forth by the performers.  In addition, he presents a fresh, creative perspective by demonstrating one or more different approaches to the music.


In the clinic forum, Marvin encourages students and faculty to participate by presenting relevant subjects of general interest,  asking questions and sharing musical and, sometimes, personal concerns. Marvin then responds through discussion and, if appropriate, demonstration. Marvin also urges participating faculty and students to express their thoughts and share their experiences and feelings on matters under discussion. 

Rehearsal Techniques/Jazz Ensemble and Concert Band

These sessions may be conducted in either a “closed” setting, in which only students and faculty from the host school participate, or an “open” setting, in which invited guests hear the host band as the demonstrating group.  When time allows, guest bands also may participate, creating a master class setting.  Marvin emphasizes basic principles of music, which include musicality, style, interpretation, conception, dynamics, blend, intonation and rhythm.

   Improvisation – What Is It; How Is It Done!

“Play some Jazz!” What do I do?” “Well, learn the scales and chords!” “Get a book on improvisation!” These are commonly heard phrases in many schools. But can you learn improvisation from a book or in the classroom? What exactly is impovisation, and how does one learn how to do it?  In this workshop, Marvin defines improvisation, explains the process of learning how to improvise, and shows those present how to teach themselves to speak the marvelous language of Jazz.

 The Educator and The Performer

This workshop, which is tailored for today’s teachers and future educators, addresses the elements of organizing an effective, meaningful festival or event involving clinics, master classes and performances by a guest artist.  Marvin explains how involving the guest artist in the beginning stages of the organizing process can measurably increase the success of an event.  In addition, he details the educator’s and artist’s obligations to each another and benefits to be derived by festival participants when educator and artist work together during the planning process. This clinic, which addresses a relationship often taken for granted, helps the educator produce more imaginative and creative festivals while avoiding the many pitfalls that can keep such an event from achieving its full potential.

A Life In Music/Developing A Successful Career

What does a life in music represent to one striving to become a performing musician? How does one begin to develop a successful career in music after leaving the academic environment or conservatory? In this workshop for young musicians, Marvin explores (1) what is involved in pursuing different areas of the music field, (2) what is expected of the aspiring artist and (3) how to precipitate one’s entre into the domain of the professional performer, an arena frequently perceived by students as mysterious.  Marvin unveils the mystery and relieves some of the anxiety felt by young players through his tips and advice on getting started and establishing oneself in the “real world” of music.

   Success In Music

What is success in music or, for that matter, in Life? How does one fulfill aspirations and dreams?  How does does one approach the eternal challenge of most musicians: Achieving a successful career in music while maintaining one’s positive attitude, keeping one’s dreams alive and achieving personal happiness?  In this esoteric discussion, Marvin addresses the importance of developing a philosophy and setting goals for oneself.  He also explores the process of overcoming obstacles to meeting these goals and to achieving professional and personal success. Marvin guides participants on a journey through the maze of business-related aspects of a music career to the final destination of personal happiness.

  Music Education/Are We Doing The Job?

Designed for established and aspiring educators, this interactive, moderated discussion covers many facets of music education. Subjects explored include not only problems the individual educator faces, but to the quandry we face in producing educators who are not truly qualified to teach. What are its causes? Why are we letting this happen, and what can we do about it? Where is our power as educators and how do we use it to improve our profession and achieve its goals?  This workshop is designed to bring all attendees into a beneficial exchange of ideas and experiences on the challenges we face in the field of music education.