Elegance was released in 2001 on the Troppe Note/Cambria label and features the marvelous young pianist from Sweden, Stefan Karlsson. There are nine compositions, six originals – two each by Stamm and Karlsson and one each from Swedish composer Lars Jansson and trumpeter Dennis Dotson – and three standards, among which are Gershwin’s But Not For Me, Ray Noble’s The Very Thought of You and Jimmy Van Heusen’s But Beautiful. Stamm says, “I very much enjoyed working with these terrific musicians. Stefan’s harmonic knowledge, his wonderful rhythmic approach and creative soloing are a delight. Tom Warrington provided the anchor for the group and also contributed some beautifully thought-out solos. Eliot Zigmund provided the intensity and excitement on the up-tempo pieces, while also affording the rest of us a sensitive palette for the ballads and quieter pieces. The quality of performance and the professionalism and attitudes of all made this a joy.”

  1. Smilin'Eyes: Composer Stefan Karlsson Marvin Stamm 7:03
  2. The VeryThought of You: Composer Ray Noble Marvin Stamm 7:08
  3. But Not For Me (Marvin's solo) Composer: George Gershwin Marvin Stamm 1:42
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