Marvin’s Trumpet

I play a custom trumpet made by Jaeger Brass. It is a medium-large bore trumpet designed by Ivan Hunter. The trumpet comprises the Jaeger Brass body, but with my quite old New York Bach bell. Information about the Jaeger Brass instruments can be found at:

Marvin’s Flugelhorn

My flugelhorn is a French Besson Model 30-FB, the Laureat. This instrument harks back to the style of flugelhorn made years ago, the highly popular and much sought-after older French Bessons. The tone quality is dark and warm, very attractive, but you can still soar and ‘burn’ when you want! Unfortunately, this instrument is no longer in production.

Marvin’s Mouthpieces

My trumpet and flugelhorn mouthpieces are custom pieces and vary with my performance demands. The trumpet piece I typically play is a Stork 7D+ with a 25 throat and John’s C backbore. My alternate mouthpiece is a GR mouthpiece and is very close the Model 65M, although the rim has been modified to fit my specifications. John Stork’s web site is:

My flugelhorn mouthpieces are a very old stock Bach 10 ½ flugel and a GR Mouthpiece’s stock Model 62FL, but again with my rim.  The GR web site is: