Marvin Stamm/Mike Holober Quartet Live At Maureen’s Jazz Cellar – Big Miles Music – BM 001 Recorded live Dec. 20, 2019

Marvin Stamm, trumpet & flugelhorn; Mike Holober, piano; Dennis Mackrel, drums; Mike McGuirk, bass

Mike and Marvin began playing together after meeting through their work with the Westchester Jazz Orchestra. Regular Sunday afternoon duo sessions nurtured a close friendship, and a unique musical connection. When joined by bassist Mike McGuirk and drummer Dennis Mackrel, the scope of their intimate conversation expanded, resulting in a deeply satisfying interactive dialogue. As the group evolved into a regular working quartet, Maureen’s Jazz Cellar in Nyack NY became their favorite place to play. The club’s intimate scale, and the genuine warmth of the audience and staff, made it a perfect setting for the group’s musical concept. When the club’s owner David Budway suggested a live recording, it seemed like a natural fit. And this is the result: four established artists, each a virtuoso unto himself, caught in the moment, playing the music they love. The intimate interplay of the group is its signature characteristic, revealing how closely they are listening, and how much they are attuned to one another. The tracks, which include two originals and several familiar jazz standards, evolve with remarkable synchronicity. This is a set of pure “blowing” and extraordinary group empathy. It is blatantly honest, devoid of ego or attitude and exemplifies what jazz is meant to be: traditional in its roots, yet modern, beautiful and swinging. On this session, you can hear why when jazz artists “work,” it’s called “playing.”

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