The Nearness of TwoGoFour 1006; Dena DeRose, piano & vocals; Marvin Stamm, trumpet & flugelhorn

The concert documented by this CD was performed “live” in 2006. It came about by happenstance as did this recording. Neither Dena nor I were we aware at the time that an archival recording of our performance was being made, but were pleasantly surprised that the quality turned out so well. Dena and I had never played together before, and, unbeknownst to me, she had never performed in duo with a horn player. But Dena is such an outstanding musician, both as a singer and pianist, I would never have suspected this. She is extraordinary in both areas and immediately became a favorite musician of mine. Fortunately, things sometimes work out as they should.

  1. No Greater Love-Marvin's Solo Marvin Stamm/Dena DeRose 1:45
  2. Corcovado Marvin Stamm/Dena DeRose 00:30
  3. How Deep Is The Ocean-Marvin's Solo Marvin Stamm/Dena DeRose 00:30
  4. Imagine Marvin Stamm/Dena DeRose 00:30
  5. Joy Spring-Marvin's Solo Marvin Stamm/Dena DeRose 00:30
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