The Stamm/Soph Project – Marstam Music #02 – Marvin Stamm, trumpet & flugel; Ed Soph, drums; Bill Mays, piano; Rufus Reid, bass; special guest Dave Liebman, tenor and soprano saxophones. (tracks 3, 6, 8)

This CD, created with drummer Ed Soph, chronicles the music this ensemble is creating. The disk contains ten compositions which include several standards as well as Thad Jones’ classic, Three and One, Miles Davis’ beautiful masterwork, Nardis, Clifford Brown’s eternal Joy Spring, J. J, Johnson’s haunting Lament along with two originals by Bill Mays and one by Stamm. Marvin says of Ed Soph, “Ed is one of the most musically adventurous drummers, always playing with intensity and fire, yet most sensitive when the music begs it. He has developed his own individual approach, a musical style that is unique in this genre, and the musical experience is always one of adventure, always harboring the unexpected. Ed’s playing urges me to attempt new things, play more audaciously and to move in different directions. This is most thrilling for me, what I most love to do.”

  1. Lament Marvin Stamm 0:30
  2. 3 in1 - head Marvin Stamm 0:45
  3. 3 in 1 - Marvin's solo Marvin Stamm 1:27
  4. Who's At Talking-Marvin's solo Marvin Stamm 1:06
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